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I just got home from BryanStars. I am covered in sweat, water and spit. Tonight was amazing, and everyone fucking killed it. But let me tell you a story.

Joel was up second, and his second song killed me. When he started singing, I got chills. My arm itched, and tears came to my eyes. And I noticed the girl next to me was rubbing her wrist as well. I did something bold, very bold, for me. I got her attention and stuck my hand out for her…and she took it. Through the whole song, we held hands, and I managed to not cry. I know that if she hadn’t accepted my hand, that song would have completely taken me to tears. She helped me stay strong even though I was the one who offered her my hand. I wish I had gotten her name. After the song, we hugged, and the rest of the night I was too afraid to talk to her.

Can we please get this around? I don’t know if she has a tumblr, but I’m hoping she does.

If you’re reading this…we were at The Swayzes. I was the girl with purple hair whose hand you held. I want to thank you. You are so beautiful and you helped to keep me from crying in front of everyone. Thank you for accepting my hand.

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